My Pet is Lost: Now What?

None of us enjoy contemplating losing a pet. It is one of the worst tragedies for an owner. However, if that day does happen, it is best to be prepared. Here are five ways to make sure your pet is returned. 

1. Buy a Microchip and Membership for Your Pet

Microchips are critical to helping a dog find its owner. A study looking at 7,700 stray animals discovered that pets with microchips experienced a 30% increase in the return rate to their owner. That means your chances of finding your pet grow exponentially when they already have a microchip. 

When you pair a microchip with our membership service, you receive: 

  • Pet Recovery Transport 
  • Lost Pet Posters 
  • Access to your Pet’s Medical Records
  • Activation of Your Pet’s Microchip 

Just remember that your pet’s microchip will only work if it is registered into the national database. Otherwise, the microchip will not function as it should. So, don’t wait to get your pet their own microchip! 

Dog That is Lost Outside

2. Keep Identification Tags On

Identification Tags are another critical component if your pet is lost. Whenever your dog is outside, they should be wearing some form of identification with their name, address, and phone number. 

Most collars and harnesses have a place to put vital pet information, so they will never leave home without their identification. A dog’s identification is similar to your driver’s license, so they always need it. 

A survey taken from 1,015 households, found that an additional 15% of dogs were found because of an ID Tag. 

Even if your pet is always indoors, it is better to keep an ID Tag on for the entire day. You never know if someone may walk into your house and release your cat or dog. It’s better to take all the necessary precautions before something happens. 

3. Print Out Posters and Ask on Social Media

A lot of times, awareness is the key to make sure your pet is returned. Ask around your neighborhood to see if your neighbors have seen your pet. Sometimes, pets will follow a neighbor they are fond of. 

To help with this effort, print out posters and distribute them around the neighborhood where you last saw your pet and the areas around that neighborhood. Our membership service offers free pet posters, so we can help you in case you lose your precious pet. 

Your last resort is to use social media to see if someone has seen your pet. Apps like Nextdoor are great for engaging people to search for a lost pet. Keep looking and don’t give up! 

A Dog Inside a Shelter

4. Call Shelters and Rescue Organizations Near You

Sometimes, people that see lost dogs notify their local shelter to make sure a pet is kept safe. If your pet is found that way, it’s best to call the local shelters around the area, so they know you are searching for a pet. 

If a shelter does not have your pet, they will be on the lookout, so you are not alone in the search. Some pets do not appear again until months later, so it’s best to keep your hopes up. 

5. Contact Veterinarians Near You

Sometimes, a pet may end up at a veterinarian’s office if a person finds them while they are injured. 

Even if that is not the case, a veterinary clinic may be contacted to see if the missing pet has a microchip.

Therefore, keep the veterinarians around you notified. 

Dog Handing Out a Paw

Don’t Give Up!

Despite anxiety creeping in over the thought of never seeing a pet, it is never good to over-worry. Continue to work on finding your pet, and we know you’ll eventually find them.

 If your pet is not lost, it is still a good idea to have an action plan in place, so you know what to do if you are unable to find them on your own. 

Just remember, never leave your pet outside without identification, and don’t leave the house without your pet wearing a microchip