Transferring Ownership of a Pet: Microchip and License

As a microchip company, we understand the importance of keeping your pet safe. It’s our #1 priority. However, with microchips, many questions are surrounding them. It is why we have created several blogs highlighting the importance of microchipping your pet. 

But, what if you need to transfer the ownership of your pet and change the microchip’s information. Here we highlight what you need to know if you are planning on giving your dog to a family member or friend. 

1. Find Out Where You Registered Your Pet’s Microchip

It’s important to look for where you registered your pet’s microchip. Depending on the site, there are various ways to transfer ownership. At MyPetsChip, you can easily change your pet’s information by signing into the portal. From here, you can switch the owner’s information. After you do this, the new owner’s information will take the place of your old information.

It’s quite simple, but please remember, this step will only transfer the information from the microchip. Contact us at 1-877-697-3872 to learn more about what you need to do to transfer your ownership. This step will not transfer complete ownership of the pet. 

2. How Do I Transfer Complete Ownership of My Pet?

To do this, it is necessary for you first to get in touch with the pet’s veterinarian. To transfer a license, you need to first find the official form. Depending on the state or county, the license form may vary. Check with a vet first to find out all the information needed. After going through this process, your pet’s ownership will transfer to the new prospective owner. 

3. Are There Any Stipulations For the New Owner?

Some owners expect a contract to make sure their pets are taken care of to the best of the new owner’s ability. If you are one of these owners, it’s best to create an agreement between you and the new owner. Specify what you want for your pet. Do you want the owner to agree to take them for a walk every day?

Do you need the new owner to provide certain medications or care? Think about what your pet needs before handing them to a new owner. However, laws vary state by state so make sure to contact the appropriate body in your state to find out everything your dog needs. 

An Example of A Dog Transfer Ownership form Via WonderPuppy


Keep Everything Safe to Make Sure Your Dog’s Transfer is Successful

If you are switching the ownership of your pet, it’s best to make sure everything is legal according to your state. Some states consider pet ownership personal property, so it’s imperative to remember to make sure all the correct forms are signed, so you are no longer responsible for the pet. Other than that, as long as you are informed, everything should go smoothly. If you have any more questions, contact us at [email protected].