Custom Options for Animal Resellers

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Custom Options for Animal Resellers

Our Microchip process caters to those in charge of rehoming pets. We make the bulk microchip, ID registration, and individualized medical upkeep process easy so that your animals are documented when transitioning to their owners.


  • MyPetsChip Reseller Portal

    Manage all your animals in one place; their name, photo, sale, and warranty.

  • Protect your animals

    Registering your animals Chip ID on MPC auto submits the animals info to the AAHA National MicroChip Database

  • Medical Upkeep

    Track and update your animals medical records, and easily transfer their records to their new owner.

  • Manage Pet Sales

    Allow potential customers view, inquire, and purchase your listed animals

Interested? Here’s what you do next..?

  • 1

    To buy bulk chips as needed Get in touch with the MPC support team to order chips in custom amounts.

  • 2

    Register each chip ID by entering the chip number into your MPC Reseller Portal

  • 3

    When you are ready to rehome a pup, you can manage the transaction via MPC, or simply shift the pup’s account over to the new owner.

Our Promise

Our priority is to keep your animals safe, and our commitment to our resellers is to make rehoming pets an easy to manage process.

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