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What If I Find a Lost Dog?

So, you found a lonely puppy? In the United States, according to the ASPCA, 15% of owners lose their pets. Most owners value finding their pet, so if you do find a lost dog or cat, their owner is probably using every method they can to find them. Here is what you should do if you happen to see a lost pet.

Look for Identification Tags

A Lost Dog is Looking out into the Distance

Most pet owners place a collar around their pets with an identification tag. You should first see if the pet has a tag that states the owner’s name, address, or telephone number. After confirming this, call the owner. An owner that receives a call for a lost dog will be elated. It is the easiest thing you can do to make sure an owner and pet are reunited.

What if the Dog or Cat has No Tags?

If a dog does not have any tags, it does not mean you need to give up on finding its owner. Most dogs and cats contain a microchip that goes under their skin.

Call a shelter or veterinary clinic and ask if you can bring in the dog to see if they can scan for a microchip. At My Pets Chip, we advocate always equipping your pet with a microchip. Our membership service allows you to keep a running file of your pet’s medical records and registration in the national database. If a microchip is not registered, it will not give any useful information about the owner.

Use an App or ask around the neighborhood where you found the Dog

A woman is looking at her phone while holding an adorable white dog.

If you found a dog in your neighborhood, you may be able to use an app like NextDoor to post a picture of the dog and ask if anyone has any information. If you did not find the dog or cat in your neighborhood, ask people around the lost pet’s neighborhood if they know the dog or cat. Most dog walkers are aware of their neighbor’s dogs because they probably watch them walk down the street every day.

Take the Dog or Cat to the Shelter

A Dog is Running after A Ball in an Enclosed Area

If everything else fails, and you are unable to keep the dog or cat, contact the local shelter in the area where you found the lost pet. Chances are that the owner will be looking in the area for their pet. If you equip your dog with a microchip, there is a greater chance the pet will be returned to you. In a study at The Ohio State University, 72.7% of pets were returned to an owner thanks to a microchip. But, if a pet does not have a microchip, the owner may still be looking at local shelters to locate their animal.

Keep Your Own Pet Safe

We do not like thinking about tragedies, but you need to have a plan of action if your dog or cat ever gets lost. Make sure you equip your pet with an identification collar and a microchip before leaving the house. If your pet still does not have a microchip, contact us at My Pets Chip. At MPC, pets find their people, and we will do everything to make sure your pet is never lost for long.