A Dog Exercising

Get A Dog and Get Fit

During these trying times, exercise has been a critical part of people’s routines to benefit their mental health. But with COVID-19 being airborne, it has halted some fitness fanatics from hitting the weights at the gym. However, there is still a chance to be active. Our dogs are a great asset when it comes to staying healthy during these unusual times. Today, we will share the benefits of having a furry friend as your next workout partner.

Dogs and Health Facts

According to Doctor Jacqueline N. Epping, one of the most prominent barriers to a lack of exercise is not having a partner.  With a cute pup, you will always have a willing exercise buddy! Along with this, dog owners are less inclined to have problems concerning blood pleasure and cholesterol levels and have saved over 950$ billion in the cost of their healthcare according to scientist in Australia. $5 billion in healthcare could be saved if only 10% of the U.S. population decided to follow a walking regimen. Therefore, dogs are a great asset in fighting multiple diseases and saving extra money for each country.

Walking with a Dog

Walking is one of the best exercises. Anyone can walk because it is a free activity, and it can be done by people of any age. Walking is the most popular form of physical activity for most people in the United States according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Physical Activities Guidelines Advisory Committee declared in 2018 that even a slight increase in physical activity, even if it does not adhere to the guidelines of over 150 to 300 minutes each week, is beneficial to preventing cardiovascular diseases. Depending on the energy level of a dog, an owner may be required to contribute to 2 to 3 walks a day each lasting 30 minutes. Even 1 walk a day for 7 days can add up to 210 minutes of physical activity. This exceeds the guidelines proposed by the Advisory Committee. Dr. Jackie Monstrano from Sunrise Hospital told us, “if a dog needs to be walked, you are also taking part in the activity, and it also helps with your emotional health to have an exercise routine.” Dr. Monstrano has her own dog, and her pup demands daily walks each morning.

Physical and Emotional Health

Even if staying active is a good way to keep healthy, it is important to also consider the mental benefits of going on a walk with your dog. Most people that walk dogs also create better social networks in their neighborhoods. Even if we are not able to be as social as we once were during this time, furry friends also keep us company. 64% of adults feel lonelier because they do not have a wonderful pet. According to a study in the Journal of Psychology, people in wheelchairs that had a service dog felt better about themselves after receiving more smiles and conversations from pedestrians. Pets help us both in our physical and mental health.

Working out with your Energetic Friend

If you are still feeling the blues from not being able to go to your gym, confide in your best friend to be your workout partner.  As Dr. Deborah Mike told us, “there is a reason dogs are man’s best friend.” Go out and explore nature during this time or play a fun game of catch. Your dog and you will both benefit from spending time with each other.