Dog is Hiding From Fireworks

Puppies are Scared: How to Protect your Dog from Fireworks

Most of us cherish the loud bang of fireworks foreshadowing the beginning of a new holiday, but it can be the absolute opposite for a pet. Some dogs may attempt to escape the chaos and run out in the night, putting themselves in peril.

Since dogs have superior hearing compared to humans, it can cause them to react to loud noises as a survival mechanism. To make sure your pets are secure, we highlight tips to keep your pet secure in your household. 

A Dog That Is Running Away

Don’t Take Your Pet Outside

Despite the family wanting to wander outside to watch nearby fireworks or venture to a friend’s new year’s party, it is best to keep your pet at home. A study conducted in 2018 by PAWS found that 40% of pets had a fear of fireworks.

This accounts for 3.6 million dogs. With that large of a number, it is likely your dog will not be fond of the noise outside in the neighborhood. Keep your pet indoors. When pets are startled by loud noises, they are more likely to run off to find shelter. Therefore, don’t venture out with your dog when they are uncomfortable.

Dog Hiding under Covers

Make a Safe Space for Your Pet

If you know loud noises and fireworks will shoot off near your house, make your pet a safe space that they will not be able to escape. It can help to block off all windows, offer a soft pet bed, some blankets, and an anxiety vest to comfort them.

An anxiety vest will help a pet by applying pressure around a dog, so they feel as if something is holding them down. Having this safe space will make your dog feel protected, and they are less likely to run off.

Microchip Your Pet

We do not like to think about pets running away, but it may happen on a night with stimuli causing a pet to dash outside the door. In these situations, an owner should already be prepared by having an identification collar and microchip on their pet at all times.

At My Pets Chip, we always advocate for microchipping your pet because it provides an easy way for a veterinary clinic or shelter to scan the unique identification code and find your name and address in the national database.

Of course, it is important to register a microchip, or it will be useless. So, remember to always microchip a pet so when an emergency happens, you will be prepared. 

Keep Your Pet Happy

Whenever we feel sad, it’s great when a friend attempts to cheer us up with laughter or food. With our awesome pets, it is the same way. To help your pet during loud noises, give them a favorite toy, and play with them. Your pet will enjoy having a distraction, and you will feel better about showing your furry friend that fireworks are not a big deal. 

Consult a Professional

A Woman Training a Puppy

If your dog continues to partake in an extreme phobia of fireworks, it is time to get advice from a veterinarian.

Some dogs with extreme phobias cannot fathom spending another year without some form of medication or training. It’s always best to talk to the experts before you take any actions yourself. 

Have A Great Celebration!

During the celebrations on December 31st, it’s important to put your pet first. Be mindful of your pet’s emotions and if they are afraid of fireworks, keep them safe inside your home.

At My Pets Chip, we prioritize the safety of our pets, and it is why we will continue to offer new services in 2021 to go with your microchip. If you want to find out more, read our blog on everything new in 2021. We wish you the best in 2021!