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New Services for My Pets Chip

At My Pets Chip, we help pets find their people. It has been our mission since our humble beginnings. As we enter the New Year, we aim to expand our services to offer added benefits to your microchip membership

In 2021, we will be offering:

A Google Searchable Microchip

We know that using a microchip helps keep your pets safe, but it’s even better if you can search for a microchip by using Google. With the help of this new technology, your pup will have all their information available through a more accessible method. 

A cute dog holding a toy.

A Fantastic Pet Store

We are excited about our future plans for opening an online pet store to support your best friend with toys and treats. If you already have a microchip membership, you will receive 10% off on your purchase. It looks like your pet’s birthday will be amazing with gifts from our store. 

Vaccine Reminder

It’s hard to keep track of all our dog’s necessities. First, it’s heartworm and flea medications and then it is yearly check-ups with your vet. With My Pets Chip memberships, we will remind you when it is time to vaccinate your dog again. You’ll have control of your dog’s schedule, so you will never be late. 

Vaccine Recommendations 

Through our services, we will recommend vaccinations based on a 10-year plan. Your pet’s safety and health are the first priority for us, so we want to continue giving you the tools to protect your pet. 

Of course, we will still supply the same membership benefits that you are used to. 

What Our Membership Still Offers!

Registration in the National Database

With our My Pets Chip membership, your dog will be registered in the National Database. This will ensure any veterinary or shelter that scans your pet’s chip will quickly find your information. 

Pet Recovery

One of your best benefits is our policy to recover your pet if they wander 100 miles or more from your house. We will take care of delivering your pet safely back into their loving house. 

Lost Dog Poster

Pet Posters

In your plan, we include the ability to print posters if your pet is lost. 

Proof of Ownership

We still also offer proof of your ownership. No one will need to question if your pet is yours if your pet wanders away from home. 

Pet’s Medical History

And finally, we store your pet’s medical history, so you can always have a clear idea of any procedures done to your pet.

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Yes to New Services!

All the same benefits will be available to you with our new membership, but we have only expanded our services to add more enhancements for you and your pet. So, sign up, and have a Happy New Year!