Hollywood Lost Pets

Lost Dogs in Hollywood

We tremble at the thought of losing our best dog or cat out in the big world, but in Hollywood, cats and dogs get lost daily. In our blog, we showcase the most famous lost dogs and cats in cinematic history.

Lost Dogs in Hollywood
Image by Disney via HBO Max

Lassie Come Home (1943)

In this Lassie adventure, she is sold to a Duke. However, Lassie wants to stay with her original owner, a boy named Joe. Lassie attempts to escape, and she is confronted with many challenges along the way. The Duke’s granddaughter, named Priscilla, sees that Lassie is not happy in their home, and she helps come up with an escape plan. Lassie finally arrives at home and reunites with Joe. It’s a great classic to watch about one of the most famous dogs.

Lost Dogs
Image by Disney via 80s kids

Homeward Bound (1993)

In Homeward Bound, The trio of a Bulldog, Himalayan cat, and Golden Retriever make the long trek across America after they believe their owners left them at another house. However, the owners have only gone on a vacation and are distressed when their pets are gone.

Along the journey, they encounter challenging obstacles, but they finally make it home at the end. It’s a fun movie to watch!

Lost Dogs in Hollywood
Image by Colombia Pictures via The New York Times

A Dog’s Way Home (2019)

Bella, the dog, runs away from her loving home after chasing a squirrel. She must trek over 400-miles to find her way back. On her way home, she befriends a Mountain Lion named Big Kitten. Talk about friends in high places! In the end, she finally finds her way home after running through many obstacles on her adventure.

Many Lost Dogs
Image by LD Entertainment via The Detroit News

Dog Days (2018)

If you are looking for a movie about a multitude of characters’ lives connecting because of their dogs, you are in the right place. The story follows a news anchor (played by Nina Dobrev) that has given up on her romantic life. She takes her dog to the therapist because of separation anxiety. This leads her down a path of meeting new people and finding a former NFL star she has a spark with.

The story also follows a widower named Walter that only has his overweight pug, Mabel, for company. When Mabel runs away, Walter teams up with a pizza boy named Tyler to get her back. The movie has many other interconnected stories, and it is sure to be a great time for a family movie night.

A Lost Dog
Image by Sony Pictures Entertainment via Primitive Dogs

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Based on a true story, Hachi is about a Japanese Akita that is found by Parker Wilson. He is a music professor that must ride the train every day to his work in Rhode Island. Hachi follows his owner to the train station and waits for him until he is done with work at 5 p.m. One day at work, Hachi’s owner has a stroke, and he does not return to the train station. Despite this, Hachi waits for the owner every day at the train station, hoping that he will return.

In this story, thankfully Hachi is found by a loving home when Parker rescues him. Although the rest of the movie is a tear-jerker, so you have been warned to keep some tissues handy.

A Lost Dog Running Away
Image by Disney via Fandango

Life is Ruff (2005)

Calvin Wheeler is the most popular kid in school, but when he adopts a new friend Labrador named Tyco, his life turns upside down. Calvin wants to win a local dog competition, so he can keep the prize money and buy a comic missing from his vast collection. In the movie, Tyco is kidnapped by Preston Price, because Price will stop at nothing so he can win first place in the agility competition with his Jack Russel.

It’s a great Disney movie for the kids, and a fun movie to watch during the holiday season.

How To Make Sure Your Dog is Never Lost

As you can see with our Hollywood pooches, it is easy to get lost but harder to be found. If only these pets had a pet microchip. With a microchip, anyone that found the dog could have taken him to a veterinarian to scan his unique identification code, and it would have led them back to their owners. But, remember, a microchip only works if you are registered in the national database so pick a microchip membership service you can trust!