Best Microchip Company

The Best Pet Microchip Company

We all want the best of the best for our furry pals. It’s why we don’t settle for anything less than perfect. So, when it comes to pet microchips, you should only work with the best microchip registration provider.

If your microchip registration provider is not giving you free pet posters or free pet recovery transport, it’s time that you give us a chance. At MyPetsChip, we are constantly trying to improve our services, so take a peek at what we have to offer and see if we are the one for you. 

1. Pet’s Medical Records

First of all, your pet’s health is important. It’s vital to keep on top of your pet’s vaccinations and other health ailments. But, most owners are unaware of when and how to keep on top of a pet’s needs. How many of us have written the date on our calendars for our pet’s heartworm medicine, only to completely forget about it until late at night or the next day?

Calendars don’t really work as much as we’d like them to. It is why at MyPetsChip, we offer a place for you to put all your pet’s information. Are you unsure of when your pet had its last vaccination? Well, there is no need to wonder anymore! 

2. Pet Safety Features

Safety is our #1 priority. It is why we’re always adding safety features to our membership service. At MyPetsChip, we offer

  1. Lost Pet Posters 
  2. Activation of Pet Microchip
  3. Pet Recovery Transport 

If your pet is ever lost when using our service, we will go above and beyond to search for them. We’ll be your partner in the search for your pet, and it is why we are constantly attempting to improve how we create our memberships for MyPetsChip.

As you can see, our main goal is for pets to find their people. If you do not currently have these benefits, it’s a great idea to think about purchasing a membership. As we always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pet. Your pet should be a priority before something tragic happens. 

3. Registration into AAHA National Pet Database

The AAHA known as the American Animal Hospital Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to setting standards for veterinary hospitals. They work to ensure to educate and empower small veterinary clinics. The AAHA has developed a search engine dedicated to Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. Here any person that scans your microchip’s unique code can find what database your microchip is registered in. 

If you are a pet parent owner, it’s important to understand that you need to register your microchip for it to work properly for your pet. To do this, ensure that you have a complete membership service, so you are not left without options. A veterinary clinic or shelter will appreciate having somewhere where an ISO number is associated. 

And the #1 Microchip Company is…

Us! We hate to brag, but we try to take the best care of your pets every day. It’s our promise to you to keep all your information secure. If you are interested in our services, contact us at MyPetsChip. If you need more information on microchips, check out our blog on what happens if you don’t register your microchip.

Pet Microchip Registration

What If I Don’t Register my Microchip?

Having a pet microchip is the best security for your dog. It is how you’ll know your pet will be returned to you if they run away. However, having a microchip is not enough. Most pet parents don’t realize that pets also need their microchips to be registered. It is a crucial step in taking care of the security of your pet. Learn why It is necessary to register your microchip.

1. Saving Your Information

In order to have a working microchip, you need to make sure to register your microchip. There are many places where you can do this and all of them may offer you different benefits or bonuses. We suggest using our own membership at MyPetsChip. In our membership, we offer you Lifetime of Year Lost Pet Alerting Services and Access to our 24/7 Pet Recovery Specialists. 

Check out our blog to learn about all the ways we make sure your pet stays safe. It is why it’s important to consider if your pet is registered. If your pet is registered when the vet scans their chip, a unique code will appear. The veterinarian can use this code to search up your information in the national database. If you have not used any database for your dog, the information will not show up and a microchip will be useless.

2. How to Register a Microchip

To register a microchip:

  1. First, locate what service you would like to use.
  2. Second, If you are using MyPetsChip, head to our website and click on “Register Your Pets Here.”
  3. You’ll need to put your basic information into the database.
  4. Once you put that in, another screen will show up. This screen will ask you to fill out more information on your pet. You should place your microchip ID in this section.
  5. You will have access to tracking your pet from here. 

Along with that, you can access our store where we have items you can buy — like customized collars for your pet. After that, the process is easy. Whenever you have new information for your pet, you can place it on our website. If your dog needs vaccinations or has received vaccinations, you can also put this information here. 

3. Relax and Add Your Data as You Go

Once your pet is registered into the database, you’ll have everything prepared. If your dog is ever lost, once a shelter or veterinarian scans their microchip, their unique identification code will lead them to your information. However, it’s always important to keep your information updated. 

If you decide to move, always change your information in the database. This also goes with if you change your number or name. Check-up on your information every few months and take the time to add new medication and vaccination to your record. Always remember that you need useful information for someone to bring your pup back to you. 

My Pet’s Microchip

So remember, a registered microchip is a safe microchip. Always keep your pet safe by updating your information frequently. If you have any more questions about microchips, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or read more information on our educational blogs.