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How One Pet Air Transportation Company is making Microchipping a Priority

At My Pets Chip, we constantly are telling owners to microchip their pets. It is our priority to provide pet safety in all regards. Microchipping your pet can exponentially increase your chance of finding them. A study conducted on 7,700 stray animals found that pets owning a microchip increased their chance of being found by 30%!

Since we are adamant about microchips, we were ecstatic to hear from our friends at Animal Transportation Worldwide about their requirements for air services. All their air services have a stipulation that pets need to be microchipped before flying. We share 3 reasons why we believe their pet airline will bring more awareness to microchipping, and we are ecstatic to partner with them on this venture.

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1. Microchip Requirements for Travel

With ATW’s first-class air service, one of their requirements is that all pets need to be microchipped before flying on the airline. Since ATW helps deliver new puppies to families, this microchipping service will assure that pets are already microchipped before they reach their homes. 

Since only about 4% of pets are microchipped, this will increase the possibility of a pet being microchipped. And since pet care sales are only increasing as a result of the pandemic, more people will adopt puppies. Therefore, all transportation companies need to urge pet parents to microchip their pets. And we are glad that ATW is doing just that! 

2. Affordable Microchipping

ATW is not only urging people to microchip their pets, but they are also leaders in using our services to provide the cheapest means to microchip a pet. If a pet is not microchipped and wants to fly on their airplanes, owners can microchip their pet for $5. This is cheaper than a cup of coffee from a luxury coffee shop, and it will protect your pet for life. We think this is a great service!

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3. Convenient Microchipping at Check-In!

Along with affordability, microchipping will take place at check-in. That means you don’t have to struggle before a trip to find a veterinarian and set up an appointment. If you have ever tried to make an appointment with your doctor, you know that clinics can take weeks before a free spot opens. 

It’s another reason ATW are the leaders in Pet Transportation. They know what pets need, and we are grateful for that! 

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Let Your Pet Travel the Best Way!

Along with all the microchipping benefits of flying with ATW, there are many more additional benefits to choosing their services. ATW will provide flight attendants to accompany the pets during their transportation, GPS tracking, and custom-built crates. If you are interested in learning more about all their excellent services, read their blog on pet airlines!

At My Pets Chip, we help pets find their people, and we are excited other companies are getting on board with the message too! Let’s keep our pets safe this year.