Thanksgiving Treats for Dogs

Thanksgiving Treats for Your Best Buddy

As Thanksgiving creeps into our hearts, we hope to engorge in festive treats and delightful food. Despite humans getting all the calories, as pet lovers, we still like to reward our best friends with their own feast. We break down the 10 treats you can share with your furry friend this holiday season.

1. Give Your Dog a Ball If He’s a Tough Chewer

If you have a big dog that loves destroying stuffed animals and ripping up carpets, you should invest in the Monster K-9 Ultra Durable Dog Ball. The ball is made from 100% non-toxic rubber and has a lifetime guarantee. They guarantee your dog will not be able to chew through this. It’s a great ball to play fetch with after scarfing down the mash potatoes and turkey. You’ll probably need the exercise.

2. The Toy for your Intellectual Pup

If your dog is a little too smart sometimes and probably would have gone to Harvard if he could talk, you need to add Agent 008 to your play rotation. Named “the most challenging puzzle” from My Intelligent Pets, this game will give them countless hours of fun. Now you have proof of your pet’s IQ status.

3. For the High-Tech Lover

If you have a feline that loves to adventure, you should invest in a Petsafe 4-way Locking Microchip Entry Cat Door. The door is programmed to work with your cat’s unique ID in their microchip. You will no longer need to worry about raccoons or mice entering your fabulous home. If your pet is not microchipped, check us out at MyPetsChip.

4. For the Anxious Fella

All pet owners know about KONG or at least you should. Our dogs love the Kong classic because it keeps them busy. A Kong is made from all-natural rubber and is manufactured in the U.S. Pet owners can place treats inside the toy to keep anxious dogs distracted or keep bored dogs busy. It is the ultimate gift. And now, Kong has expanded its line to cat toys so your fluffy kitty is not left behind.

5. For the Big Spender with a Wonderful Pet

You are a high-roller, and you want to treat your favorite pet right this Thanksgiving. Get your dog their own man-cave to spend time away from the chaos of Thanksgiving parties and family. The Little Cottage Victorian Cozy Cottage Dog Kennel is the perfect place for your dog to get some R&R. Hey, holidays can be stressful for everyone!

6. For the Forest Dweller In Your Cat

If your kitty likes plants, you should invest in the Senses 2.0 Grass Planter. It will keep your kitty cat playing for hours. It also will serve as a great decoration for your house when guests come over for dinner on November 26th. Cats love chewing on plants but make sure you find safe plants for them. Some plants can be toxic to your wonderful kitty, so it is in your best interest to buy a plant toy especially for them.

7. For the Prankster Pet

Do you have a future comedian in your household? Give them the Humunga Stache. It’s a ball and mustache in one. It makes for a great conversation piece for your next family gathering that will bring countless laugher. It’s perfect for the pet that loves attention.  

8. For Your Athletic Companion

If Fido likes the thrill of adventure, and you are planning to finish your 12-mile hike during the holiday, you should supplant your pup with Zuke’s Power Bone. The Power Bone contains beef made in the U.S. and blueberries. The combination of fats, protein, and carbohydrates will motivate your pup to continue trekking on the trail.

9. For Your Yoga Loving Pet

If your dog likes to be near during your early yoga workouts, you should buy them their own mat. It may sound crazy, but research shows dogs are attracted to yoga mats because of the scent of their owners. Pet Yogis specializes in yoga mats in all different sizes. They can be used almost as a security blanket for dogs or cats going to the groomer or vets or being introduced into an unfamiliar situation. Now you both can get a nice stretch before starting the day.

10. And For the Festive Pooch  

If your pet wants turkey, you can give them the second-best thing. The P.L.A.Y Roasted Turkey is sure to satisfy them with a squeaky sound dogs love. Better yet, the toy is made with Eco-Friendly Plant fill filler. So, yes, now your doggo gets an entire turkey without being yelled at.

Have a Great Puppy Thanksgiving!

We hope you enjoyed all the new toys and treats for your pups! This Thanksgiving, get your dog or cat ready for the season by giving them interactive toys and treats. As winter gets closer, it’s important to keep your pets active and not bored. And if you want some cute names for your Thanksgiving pet, check out our list of adorable November names.