A Cat Walking Outside

You Walk Your Dog, Now Walk Your Cat (We Give You 5 Reasons)

Despite dogs getting all the attention when it comes to walking, we feel that cats need a slice of the action too. Since cats also need exercise, it’s time to ask, should I walk my cat too? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider taking a stroll with your adorable kitty. 

A Bored Cat

1. Keep Boredom at Bay 

Depending on your cat’s personality, some felines are as energetic as a little kid in a candy factory. If this describes your cat, it might be great to offer an alternative to chasing a toy. 

Cats are intelligent animals, so they benefit from getting stimulus from the outdoors. However, it all depends on your pet. Some cats are itching to rush out the door while others prefer staying inside. Don’t ever force your cat to do an activity they are not excited about. If your cat is a homebody and doesn’t need extra exercise, it’s better to keep them inside.

2. Bond With Your Cat (And other People)

If you are looking to spend more quality time with your cat, it’s a great idea to walk them and see them react outside. You can start training your cat to walk with you while they are still kittens. 

Of course, walking a cat is not like walking a dog. You will not go miles and miles on nature hikes with a cat, but you might just go a few blocks. Therefore, keep in mind that you are not walking a cat for your exercise, but it is more for your cat to venture outside. Along with this, the more you walk with your cat outdoors, the more likely you are to encounter people and make new friends. It sounds like a great time for us! 

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3. Road Trips with Your Cat 

If you start early training your cat to walk on a leash and ride in a car, you will be able to enjoy outdoor time with your pal without them having anxiety later in their life. 

Since younger pets are more adaptable, it’s important to get your cat used to the idea of travel early. Start with small trips and later increase this variety to longer trips. People may give stares when they see a cat cruising alongside you, but it’s okay because we love our cats too much to listen to the naysayers.

4. Your Cat Will Be Better Trained 

Most people assume that cats can’t learn or won’t listen when an owner attempts to train them. Some people go as far as saying that cats are “dumb” animals. All of these statements are false. Just because a cat does not learn the same way a dog does, it is not evidence for a cat’s aptitude. 

Since cats are less likely to pay attention than dogs, scientists have not developed extensive research into a cat’s mind. However, in instances when cats did listen, they performed as well as dogs. 

Therefore, you still can train your cat! To make sure your cat stays safe while walking, it is a good idea to train your cat to come when called. 

To do this, practice using a clicker or making a noise when you have food in your hands. Associate the food with the vocalization you are making. Try to practice this several times, and your cat will eventually correlate food with your voice. 

Cat Enjoying His Outdoor Adventure

5. Give Your Cat’s Natural Extinct a Much Needed Adventure

As much as your cat may seem like an indoor slug, most cat’s instincts align with a roaming predator. In the past, cats needed to hunt for their food, so they needed to seek it out. 

It is only in the past 70 years that cats have become indoor pets. Some feral cats still prefer living in the outdoors. 

So, cats are new to the indoor scene, but it doesn’t mean you need to treat your cat like an outdoor cat. Cats that roam outside by themselves are at risk for disease and trauma, and it also does not help the environment to introduce a new predator. 

However, being outdoors for cats also improves physical activity and helps behavior issues.  

Therefore, restricting your cat’s outdoor access by finding alternatives to roaming can be a safe way to let them enjoy time outside without putting them in danger. So, if you are using a leash and harness, a cat will stay safe.


Keep Your Cat Safe While Enjoying the Sunshine 

We hope you have enjoyed our five tips on why you might consider walking your cat. Of course, always remember to put an identification collar and microchip on your cat before you venture out. At MyPetsChip, we offer an excellent microchip membership for you and your great pet!